Concrete & Steel Bring New Life To Fort Road

Station Pointe represents a big first in Edmonton, the transformation of a former brownfield site into an urban village. The LRT is walk-able, downtown only minutes away, the need to drive is gone and we’re pushing back at urban sprawl. You’ll be the first of 112 to set down roots in the same spot many did over 100 years ago. As you settle into your new home, you’ll be joined by many retailers looking to take part in the urban renewal. You’ll be joined by many new neighbors as we build more buildings around Station Pointe, we plan to bring life, families, seniors and friends together. The story of the past helps us understand the essence of the community, it’s the story of the future that we need your help writing, be apart of the urban transformation and know you’re part of something very special.

  • Concrete & Steel Construction
  • 5 Stories
  • Underground Parking
  • Built in accordance with Built Green
  • Energy Efficient
  • Patented Sound Transfer Technology
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Secured Entries
  • Enclosed common areas
  • 5 unique floor plans
  • 1-2 bedroom suites with corner options
  • Wrap around patios on 2nd floor
  • Quartz Counters
  • Multiple finish and upgrade options


Station Pointe Project Overview


Concrete & Steel Construction

SHHHHHHH. Do you hear anything? Nothing at all? Well, you can thank the concrete & steel materials used to construct Station Pointe. Our concrete condos are sturdy, solid structures and you can feel that when you’re in the space. As well, Station Pointe is Certified “Built Green”, thanks to concrete & steel’s improved efficiency and durability.

LRT Walkable Community

Reduce your automobile dependancy and access downtown Edmonton in only minutes via the ETS Belvedere LRT Station. We are laying the foundation for better transportation choices by developing Edmonton’s newest LRT walkable community.

Station Pointe Village

The Fort Road revitalization is well underway with the new Station Pointe subdivision, zoning, roads, streetscapes, landscaping, and a new Spartan Park ball diamond. The first of its kind in over 30 years, Station Pointe Village is a community designed entirely for families.

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The Story.

Station Pointe: A Historic Conception

Over a Century of Stories

For over 100 years the Station Pointe community of Belvedere Edmonton has been a pioneers location and landmark for businesses to set up shop, the first stop into the big city for farmers, cattlemen and entrepreneurs. One of the cities first hotels which still stands today, the Transit Hotel opened 109 years ago and still welcomes visitors. The roads went from dirt to asphalt, the hitching posts made room for the first cars and yet the rail lines which once served the Grand Trunk still get used today. Eventually as urban sprawl passed its borders, the area was forgotten, that was then, this is now. A revolution is underway!

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